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Sorriso Smart Pay
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Deliver your own branded payment portal in less than a month

Enable fast, frictionless payments
Securely store bank and card details for future use
Create scheduled and bill triggered automatic payments
Access payment history across all channels

Adapt to your customer needs

Customers want flexibility when it comes to payments. Offer a customizable payment experience so your customers can easily change the way they pay. Help your customers pay the way they prefer.
  • Pay with multiple accounts and cards
  • Easy payment processing and scheduling

Secure financial data

Security and confidentiality are non-negotiables when it comes to your customer�s payment information. Offer peace of mind with Smart Pay. Our PCI DSS compliant software protects your customer�s payment account information.

Frictionless payment experiences

A recent survey shows that 73% of consumers have made three or more online purchases in the 12 months prior to June 2017. However, 37 percent say they have abandoned an online purchase due to security concerns. One reason? Payment pages that don�t look like the site. Sure, payment providers give you a quick way to integrate through their hosted payment pages, but you lose control of the look and feel. Smart Pay delivers an intuitive and frictionless payment process with the same simplicity and protection provided by hosted payment pages.

Fast and easy

As powerful as it is easy to use. Smart Pay provides all the options your customers need in a clean and intuitive fashion. Simply choose a desired payment method and Smart Pay will handle the rest.
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